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About Dr Arlindo Silva

Dr. Arlindo Silva has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and 20 years of experience as a Professor at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, T. U. Lisbon, Portugal, where he teaches Materials, Design and other Engineering related topics at all levels of higher education. He has written 3 books, published over 100 articles in journals, conferences and book chapters on these topics, and filed over 50 patents with his students on innovative designs. He received the MIT-Portugal Education Innovation Award. He is an active member of PDMA, ASEE, DS and DRS and SPEE. Arlindo is also Senior Materials Education Consultant at Granta Design.

Trends in Teaching: A ‘flat world’ needs streamlined communication about materials

material-scientistThomas Friedman has stated that ‘the world is flat’. He’s not recanting modern scientific discoveries, but he is highlighting that everything, everywhere, is somehow connected and that what happens at some part of the world can have drastic implications in other parts. It’s another way of saying that we live in a globalized world, that we eat, drink, and perform our daily activities using products that sometimes come from such remote places that we don’t even know they exist – take the horse-meat scandal as a recent example! It also means that the way in which we teach our younger generation has to adapt accordingly to this new paradigm of globalization.

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