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About Dr Jamie O'Hare

Dr Jamie O’Hare is the Product Manager for Eco Design at Granta Design where he guides the development of Granta’s software tools to support eco design, which cover topics such as early-stage environmental assessment, eco-informed material selection, restricted substances legislation compliance and critical materials risk management. Prior to this, he completed an industry-based PhD on the topic of eco-innovation tools for the early stages of product development. This research led to the development of a range of workshop-based tools for eco-innovation and explored the difficulties of embedding such tools within the product development process. Jamie has a background in mechanical engineering and also has expertise in environmental legislation having spent time with an environmental consultancy advising corporate clients on their exposure to the RoHS and WEEE Directives.

Green is the new Gold

rohsRegular readers of this blog will know all about gold. Now I’m going to talk about why green is the new gold, focusing on why companies are trying to deliver greener products, and providing some tips for how to do it.

Why greener products make good business sense

Companies often find that trying to lower the environmental impacts of their products also leads to lower manufacturing costs, through the reduction of materials, energy and waste. For designers, thinking about sustainability issues can offer a new and fresh perspective on the products they develop—helping them to spot opportunities for waste and cost reduction. Smiths Detection provide a good example of this. When redesigning an existing product with sustainable design principles in mind they were able to save nearly $160,000 per year in manufacturing costs (download the case study in PDF format here). Continue reading