Engineering in the Material World

Our very own Stephen Warde has been interviewed for the blog of one of the major providers of CAD/PLM software. Speaking to PTC, Steve highlights the difficulties faced by design engineers and the impact materials have on the ultimate cost and performance of a product.

Stephen Warde, VP Marketing, Granta Design


“Data evolves over time. You might be using a number that isn’t the best possible property you can get for that material because more testing or work has been done to characterize that property. Or you might be using a number that is measured to different standards to a number you’re using elsewhere, so you get consistency problems.”

To solve these issues, Granta has teamed up with PTC  to add data for 117 material types to Creo 4.0, which includes generic engineering materials types, providing engineering, economic, and environmental data to support materials selection and comparison.

Read the full interview here.

Beth Harlen

Beth Harlen

Technical Marketing Communications Specialist at Granta Design
Beth Harlen

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